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JTAG-lock-pick - BASIC version
Written by Freddie Chopin   
Sunday, 03 May 2009 19:33

It was a long time since my last posting on the website, so I thought it would be a good idea to post a photos of BASIC version of JTAG-lock-pick that I assembled some time ago. But first things first...

As some of you know (and others will learn in a second), JTAG-lock-pick can be assembled in two versions (generally - not including dozens of variations):

  • FULL - JTAG + UART + RS-232,
  • BASIC - JTAG only.

Of course one can assemble "something in between" like JTAG + UART or JTAG + RS-232.

Photos of the FULL version can be seen in the previous news and on the elektroda's board, but there were no photos of the BASIC version published anywhere. So here they are - I present you the photos of BASIC version of JTAG-lock-pick - PCB with elements and the device in a case.

JTAG-lock-pick BASIC JTAG-lock-pick BASIC JTAG-lock-pick BASIC
JTAG-lock-pick BASIC   

(higher resolution photos - HERE - at the end of the album)

As you can see, there is a lot of free space on the board (;

I'm writing some new articles (mainly about ARM and coding), so don't think the site is dead! Also I haven't forgotten the JTAG-lock-pick manual, so - STAY TUNED!

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:22
JTAG-lock-pick - ready!
Written by Freddie Chopin   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 09:13

This news is pretty late, mainly because some server / site problems.

JTAG-lock-pick project is a complete success [; The device worked right after the soldering, which turned out to be much easier than I expected (the PCB is heavily packed with elements). Below - the photos of the pcb and the JTAG (without and with the case).

JTAG-lock-pick JTAG-lock-pick JTAG-lock-pick
JTAG-lock-pick JTAG-lock-pick JTAG-lock-pick

(more pictures in higher resolution HERE)

In Download > Projects > JTAG-lock-pick you can find a few basic files that are required for assembling (schematic and BOM) and starting (EEPROM template for MProg, drivers and an extremely short manual of starting and installation) this project. The complete manual is on it's way - be patient - I will finish it for sure!

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:28
New ARM JTAG - final schematics and PCB
Written by Freddie Chopin   
Monday, 16 March 2009 13:16

In Download > Projects > JTAG-lock-pick final schematic for new ARM JTAG was posted - the project will be named JTAG-lock-pick. You can find more info on elektroda's board (Polish only). People interested in this project are encouraged to download the file. The PCB presented below is based on that schematic.

JTAG-lock-pick PCB JTAG-lock-pick PCB JTAG-lock-pick PCB
JTAG-lock-pick PCB   

Changes introduced to previous version (0.0.3):

  • 74LVC2G125 double buffers in place of single ones (...1G125) to make things smaller - the most important gain is decrease in the filtering capacitors count,
  • one of 74LVC1G14 inverters removed - 3.3V voltage is always active and D_USB LED is driven directly by PWREN pin,
  • many minor changes like order of signals in resistor packs or dual buffers.

I'm ordering the PCBs tomorrow (; They will be scheduled for second week of March. Stay tuned!

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:22
OpenOCD 0.1.0 - Windows installer
Written by Freddie Chopin   
Monday, 16 March 2009 13:06
In Download > Software > OpenOCD you can find OpenOCD 0.1.0 compiled for Windows in a convenient form of msi installer (Microsoft Installer). OpenOCD can communicate with ARM cores via many different ARM JTAGs and it can be used in any opensource toolchain which uses GDB for debugging.
Last Updated on Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:29
Written by Freddie Chopin   
Monday, 16 March 2009 12:42

audio spectrum analyzer

Przedstawiam urz?dzenie, którego funkcj? jest pomiar charakterystyk cz?stotliwo?ciowych urz?dze? i systemów audio. Charakterystyki cz?stotliwo?ciowe to nic innego jak transmitancja, a mierzonym obiektem mo?e by? wszystko do czego mo?na wpu?ci? sygna? liniowy i odebra? sygna? liniowy lub mikrofonowy.

Dlaczego to zrobi?em?

Urz?dzenie powsta?o jako moja praca magisterska. Zaj??o ca?kiem sporo czasu i poch?on??o ca?kiem niezle koszty w sumie, ktore by?yby jeszcze wi?ksze gdyby nie mo?liwo?? zamawiania próbek od pewnych firm (;


Za?o?eniem by?o skonstruowanie urz?dzenia maksymalnie autonomicznego, dlatego te? sprz?cik do dzia?ania wymaga jedynie zasilania sieciowego i niczego ponad to. Mo?liwe jest podpi?cie urz?dzenia do komputera PC, dzi?ki czemu mo?na na owego peceta wys?a? wszystkie dane wygenerowane, zgromadzone i obliczone przez urz?dzenie (o tym jeszcze dalej).

Przyk?ady zastosowania:

  • pomiar charakterystyki cz?stotliwo?ciowej urz?dzenia przetwarzaj?cego takiego jak equalizer, procesor d?wi?ku, procesor g?o?nikowy, mikser, ... ,
  • pomiar charakterystyki cz?stotliwo?ciowej g?o?nika (pomiar mikrofonem wzorcowym),
  • pomiar charakterystyki cz?stotliwo?ciowej systemu nag?osnieniowego (pomiar mikrofonem wzorcowym),
  • ...
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