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OpenOCD version 0.8.0 released
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Monday, 28 April 2014 08:45
Previous version of OpenOCD was released almost exactly one year ago and package for Windows was downloaded almost 20000 times, so it's high time for a new version. The sources of version 0.8.0 were published yesterday and the package with Windows binaries is already available on my website (Download > Software > OpenOCD). The list of changes since the previous release is a bit long, so a link to official release announcement must be enough... One important information from my side - currently all interfaces using libftdi library require WinUSB driver (previously libusb-win32 was required) - this change is related to switching to the new version of library - libftdi1. The easiest way to install the driver is to usezadig software, and a short description of the process can be found in"drivers\libusb-1.0 drivers.txt" file, which is a part of the package.
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