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New example project - LPC4330
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 16:38

In Download > ARM > Example there is another example project (template) - this time for NXP LPC4330, configured for LPC4330-Xplorer evaluation board. In the code, beside blinking the LED with editable speed, there are some basic system initialization routines - enabling of floating point coprocessor (FPU) and enabling PLL for max speed (204MHz). This example requires linaro toolchain (or bleeding-edge-toolchain), because CodeSourcery's toolchain lacks libraries that support floating point coprocessor. You' will also need development version of OpenOCD, any of 0.7.0-dev, as previous versions - including "stable" 0.6.1 - don't support SPIFI memory interface of this chip. It is also worth noting, that debugging this chip is troublesome - the best approach for now is to flash the chip directly with OpenOCD (separate shortcut provided), reset the chip "by hand", start "normal" OpenOCD session and start debugging with "debug" shortcut - the "load + debug" shortcut is included "pro forma", as currently it does not work correctly.

Whole project is also available in GIT repository.

Currently there are 7 examples / templates in the "collection" - 4 forNXP chips (LPC1114, LPC1769, LPC2103 andLPC4330) and3 forST chips (STM32F1, STM32F1 Connectivity Line andSTM32F4) - download, use, comment and / or send patches (or templates for other chips, not available on website)!

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