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OpenOCD 0.5.0 finally published!
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 18:00

Almost one and a half year passed since last stable OpenOCD release... During this time 0.4.0 Windows installer was downloaded from this website over 16000 times and packages with development versions from this period - over 5000 times.

This time Windows version of the application was published - just as development versions - as a compressed .zip archive, not as .msi installer - I hope this won't be a problem for you, it's easier and faster to create such package instead of playing with installers (; . In Download > Software > OpenOCD you can download 32- and 64-bit version. Extract anywhere and you are ready to go (;

You can find highlights of major changes in NEWS file associated with this release in OpenOCD repository. There are not many of them, because this release should be treated as a stable update, without any revolutionary changes.

What next? The most anticipated feature - SWD (Serial Wire Debug) interface support, two-wire interface used in most recent Cortex chips - is in advanced stage. While you could use both "classic" JTAG and "modern" SWD in "bigger" chips like STM32 or LPC17xx, the smallest chips - like LPC11xx - can be debugged only via SWD. You can find more details on OpenOCD mailing list. Let's hope that test versions will be available soon! Stay tuned!

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