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Example ARM projects - another release
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 11:12

Popular example projects for NXP LPC2103 i ST STM32F103RB processors from Download > ARM > Examples reached the moment of further changes again, which - again - focus on Makefile, startup, linker script and vector table.

The most important (IMHO) and most useful (IMHO) change is the possibility to compile files placed in different folders. The list of additional search folders is defined via SRCS_DIRS variable in Makefile. Additional folders can be subfolders of the compilation main directory, as well as any absolute path, e.g.:

SRCS_DIRS = subfolder subfolder/subsubfolder c:/folder d:/folder/subfolder

Further changes (i.a.):

  • possibility to call two functions from the startup (from Reset_Handler() function in startup.S file) - low_level_init_0() (before static variables' initialization) and low_level_init_1() (before calling main() function),
  • (LPC2103) reverted to assembly vector table,
  • possibility to define source code files' extensions and the language standard in Makefile, additionally the names of its variables are a bit more consistent with the so called "standard",
  • comments in Makefile and vector table,
  • all stacks are eight-byte aligned, conforming to the ARM EABI.

And some minor changes:

  • update OpenOCD shortcut to suit current 0.4.0 version,
  • (STM32) header files in inc folder come from stm32f10x_stdperiph_lib v.3.2.0 (the most recent version), the names of interrupt vectors in the vector table are fixed to conform to CMSIS (..._IRQHandler),
  • minor improvements here and there...

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