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OpenOCD 0.2.0 - service release 1
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Saturday, 29 August 2009 15:41

OpenOCD installer of version 0.2.0 which was available in the Download section was replaced with version 0.2.0-SR1, which stands for service release 1. The most important component of the installer - executable file openocd.exe was not modified, it is still basic 0.2.0 version. Changes were made only to the included libusb-win32 drivers for FT2232 based JTAGs. Currently the driver has entries for most of existing JTAGs based on that chip. Additionally a text file info.txt is included in the drivers archive - it describes the details of libusb-win32 driver usage with FT2232 based JTAGs. The change was motivated by problems that users were experiencing with these drivers.

Reinstallation is recommended to those who own a JTAG using FT2232 and were not able to get past the drivers installation process.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 August 2009 16:14