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Example ARM projects
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Friday, 12 June 2009 12:17

In Download > ARM > Examples there are two example Eclipse projects - one for NXP LPC2103 and another for ST STM32F103RB. These examples (in my assumption) are an addition to ARM toolchain - tutorial article, so the schemes presented there are also present in the code and projects. All basic files - Makefile, linker script, startup, vector table - can be found inside the projects. Also predefined debugging shortcuts (External Tool and Debug Configuration) are available. In the code, beside blinking the LED, there are some basic system initialization routines - enabling all Flash accelerators and configuring the PLL to achieve max core speed. In the doc/ folder the projects include complete Doxygen generated documentation, which makes it easier to modify the code for different configurations.

Makefile attached to the examples requires a few GNU Coreutils files (beside make: echo, mkdir, rm, sh) for all features to work fully. Windows installer with those basic files can be found in Download > Programs > Coreutils. Those files are also available in WinAVR toolchain. Without those files it is necessary to create an output directory in the project tree (default name for that directory can be found in the Makefile in the line OUTPUT_DIR = ./out/ ) or to compile directly into the main project's directory (output directory should be configured as - OUTPUT_DIR = ).

Post all comments on these examples and theGNU Coreutils package as a comment to this article, throught the contact form of this page or in a topic on elektroda forum about these examples. If anyone is interested in helping me to create similar examples for other chips with ARM core (AT91SAM, ADuC, STR7, STR9, LM, ...) - contact me too, I will help as much as I can.

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